Fly Geyser opened to the public


Fly Geyser

The schedule for April 2023 to October 2023 has been announced.
2023 Schedules

The Fly Geyser is the bizarre and fantastic fountain tower looks like the setting for a fantasy movie. The hot mineral water gushes out of the tip of the colorful rock tower and the steam rises into the sky, creating a mysterious and rare sight.

The Fly Geyser is on the private property of the Burning Man Project Organization and cannot be viewed as widely public, but the owner, the Burning Man Organization, limited opens to the public on a seasonal basis. It’s a unique opportunity to finally see such a curious natural beauty!

EventFly Ranch Nature Walks 2024
PeriodMainly one morning on Saturday(11:00am-2:00pm PDT, Jun-Sep:10:00am-1:00pm PDT). See the organizer’s website.
EntryGuided walking tours only.
DurationApproximately 3 hours
There will be a car ride within the tour. You will be briefed at two locations, including the Fly Geyser.
Meeting PlaceIn 2023, The Fly Geyser at Fly Ranch (Visitor center)
(2020 Fall/Winter Walk, it has been changed to Fly Ranch (Main) in front of the gate)
Fee$50+$3.5 per person (any amount over $50 per nominal donation is welcome)
Children under 12 years old accompanied by guardian are free.
Maximum participantsLimited number of people per tour.
NotesPlease refer to the instructions and the Fly Ranch Survival Guide.
Experiencesフライガイザー(Fly Geyser)・ツアー体験記
You will have free time to take pictures, including on the platform on arrival at the Fly Geyser. Otherwise, you can only take photos at the stops that are described.
If you want to take a picture of animals you suddenly find, please ask your guide for help.
In the meantime, please keep your camera in your pocket/backpack.

Fly Geyser Overview and the Terrain

The Fly Geyser area was once known as Ward Hot Springs, and the maximum water temperature of the hot springs is 285 degrees. The hot springs were formed by the thinning of the crust of the Great Basin, and the pressure and geothermal energy pushed up to the surface and released.

This very unusual fountain tower, which continuously gushes out from multiple vents, was formed by the accumulation of calcium carbonate, also known as Calcite. The tower’s mysterious colors are colored by different minerals, such as iron in red, sulfur in yellow, and algae in green, and so on. The height of the tower is about 10 feets from the ground, and the tower itself is about 5 feets high, which is different from the image in the video. When you go to the tower, it looks bigger because of its volume.
It’s called a geyser, but it’s always gushing.


Northern Washoe County, Nevada. It is located on the southwest outskirts of the Black Rock Desert, less than 120 miles north-northeast of Reno, north of the Burning Man site. About 0.3 miles from State Route 34. Elevation 4,045 feet.
This is private land, gated and fenced off with a permit to enter. You can get in by joining a tour.


In 1916, The geyser was accidentally discovered during the drilling of a well.
In 1964, during a geothermal energy survey drill, it hits again and the hot underground mineral water erupts and is released to the surface, and then the abandoned minerals begin to deposit and form a fountain tower.
In 2016, the Burning Man Project Organization purchased 3,800 acres of land in the Fly Geyser area for $6.5 million,

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